Negotiate the Best Prices for Your Professional Entertainment Package

Everyone knows the event just won’t be as good if you skimp on entertainment. You can order a cheaper menu, select fewer decorations, or even wear clothing off the rack, but if you use cheap entertainment, you’ll get exactly what you pay for. The rule here is select the best you can find, and find better, cheaper ways, to get the best to perform at your event.

1 – Perhaps a Two-fer Deal is Possible

If you’re flying the cover band in for your event and there’s a similar event in your community for the next day, perhaps you can share the cost with another ‘event host’ and both of you get a great break in the price? Fly them in and out once and pay for the show twice? Ask the scheduling agent if that’s a possibility when you start planning your event, then check the schedules of your venues. There may be more than one party where your entertainment could play!

2 – Plan Your Event Closer to the Entertainment

If you’re planning on everyone traveling anyway, why don’t you schedule your event in one of the entertainment centers so the bands don’t have to travel? An event located central to specific entertainment venues maybe cheaper and more fun than the original venue anyway. Think about it. The cost of travel for attendees may not be any real difference, and it may be cheaper to hire the band if they don’t have to fly to your location. Research Venues!

3 – Consider a Smaller Band

Travel arrangements for five people and instruments, plus sound equipment is far cheaper than travel for ten. Rethink the numbers of people in the band? Do you really NEED backup singers for your cozy evening concert, or is a one man band, with an extra singer more than enough entertainment for your crowd? Are you going to dance? Will the dance band be as important as the talent of the singer who is showing up? Perhaps you only need a singer with a couple of back up people. Your agent will know who best suits your venue and expectations.

If all else fails, ask the agent if they can’t give you a break in price. Negotiation is important, and everybody does it. Don’t hesitate to ask for that lower price if you have a limited budget and require an adjustment in costs. It’s all part of the deal.


When Did Advertising Become Entertainment?

I must have missed the memo. When did it become mandatory to entertain people with advertising? Aren’t there enough lame sitcoms out there to watch? I guess I’m too old school. I come from a background where advertising was educational, informational, and about brand identity. As an informed consumer I would like to know more about the product and be less entertained. Watching cute little 3D animated characters hit on each other doesn’t give me the information I need to make an informed decision. Apparently though, some consumers would rather be entertained than informed or educated. Have we really sunk that low? Really?

Advertising should educate

How can you expect potential customers to buy your product if they don’t know anything about it? Shouldn’t you tell them what makes your product superior to your competitors? Shouldn’t you tell them the value added they receive by buying your product over someone else’s? Maybe it’s better that a cute little squirrel chases after an acorn tumbling down a hill. What the hell does that have to do with your product? Advertising that doesn’t educate doesn’t attract customers. It might entertain them for a few seconds and then they are on to the next entertaining commercial.

It should inform

So you’re having a big sale next week and you decide that the squirrel chasing an acorn is so entertaining that you build your advertising campaign around it and run an ad featuring him next week to promote your sale. However the squirrel fails to tell your potential customers the location, store hours, and limits of the sale. Nobody shows up, but be assured they were entertained. Advertising should inform your customers of not only who you are and what you sell but also inform them about your promotions, your sales, and your special offers and coupons.

Advertising should promote brand identity

Remember back when car commercials used pretty women in there ads? Guys would go out and buy a car hoping that by doing so they to would have a pretty girl in their life. That’s brand identity. You want your customers to identify with the benefits of using your product. You want that benefit to be a good one. You don’t want to send the message that if “you eat our food you will act stupid.” The customer wants to identify with his life being better for having used your product.

Entertainment is a good thing. I like being entertained. There are many good entertaining ad campaigns out there that also educate, inform and promote brand identity. My point is this: if your ad campaign, marketing strategy, or whatever advertising effort you are making is relying solely on entertainment you are missing a huge opportunity to reach new customers and educate them as to who and what you do, inform them about your specials, new products, etc., and branding your product(s) by helping them identify with the benefits of buying from you. Which would you rather be known for? A clever, entertaining advertising campaign, or a well crafted message about your product and/or services that increases your bottom line. It’s your choice. Choose wisely.


Entertainment – The Greatest Shows On Earth

Entertainment. A term as broad as the Grand Canyon, as deep as the Atlantic Ocean and as delightful as a kid who’s just been let loose in a candy store. Ever since man can remember, he has been in search of new ways to be entertained. In the old Roman days, it was seeing a lion take off the head of a gladiator. In modern times, it’s reality television. There are more types of entertainment than you can possibly imagine. Some of it, even suitable for children.

In the following series of articles we’re going to try to stay away from the usual dull definitions of certain types of entertainment, like “What is a play?” and questions of that nature. Instead, we’re going to focus on some of the greatest entertainers and events of our times. These events cover a broad range of categories from TV to movies to music to theater, to the circus and so on. Entertainment itself may very well be one subject where you could write a thousand books on it, all the size of War And Peace. And let’s not forget historical re-enactments as a form of entertainment as well, though not traditionally considered theater. Many of these re-enactments take place in historically significant cities and towns throughout the world, especially in the United States where Civil War re-enactments are regularly held in towns like Gettysburg.

Getting back to more traditional forms of entertainment, we’ve had the pleasure of hearing such great singers perform in concerts from all musical styles. We’ve heard the great performances of Enrico Caruso, one of the greatest operatic tenors of all time. We’ve heard the greatest rock and roll band ever, The Beatles, perform live at Shea Stadium in New York. We’ve heard Clay Aikin perform the Neil Sedaka song, “Solitaire”, after which Neil Sedaka said, “I just lost my song forever”. We’ve heard Cher sing one of the greatest versions of the National Anthem ever at the Super Bowl. And of course there was Robert Preston, arguably the greatest Music Man of all time, singing “76 Trombones”.

But singers don’t hold a monopoly on the entertainment industry. We’ve seen some great acting performances as well, both live and on TV and in movies. We’ve seen George C. Scott’s electrifying performance as General Patton and then his refusal to accept the award for best actor at one of the most talked about Oscars of all time. We saw Gregory Peck becoming Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird”, a performance that would win him an AFI award as the greatest hero in movies of all time. We saw Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh in the classic movie “Gone With The Wind” where Gable delivered one of the greatest and best known lines in movie history, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

These moments are but a speck in the vast timeline of entertainment history; a history so rich in moments that a time capsule of them would need to be buried on a planet ten times the size of our own Earth. In the coming articles we’ll take a more in depth look at some of the greatest entertainers and events of our time.

You won’t want to miss this.


Finding the Right Career in the Entertainment Industry

There are many people who think they may enjoy a career in the entertainment industry. However, most do not actually realize how many different jobs are available in this industry. A career in entertainment can be very exciting, and you do not have to be an actor to have a successful career in this industry. When you are considering careers, you want to pick the one best suited to you, so it is important that you understand the various career options that the entertainment industry has to offer so you can make the right choice. Entertainment Careers ( actor, producer, director, musician, singer, dancers, choreographers)

Within the entertainment industry there are many great careers to choose from and there are opportunities for people with a variety of talents. One of the most obvious choices in this field is to be an actor. Whether you act on stage or in the movies, you have the opportunity to portray various characters, and although it can be quite a demanding career, it is usually a great deal of fun as well. Some careers that are behind the scenes of all movies include the producers and the directors. If you enjoy directing and putting things together, a career as a director may be ideal for you. This allows you to orchestrate a movie and bring everything together to make it a success.

Another great career in this field is a career as a musician. Musicians have a variety of opportunities, from teaching music in schools, to playing in symphonies, to being backup musicians for popular singers. If you have a great voice, you may want to consider a career as a singer. While many do not realize it, a career in singing is actually hard work, but it gives you the opportunity to travel and entertain people all over the world.

There are many great opportunities for dancers and choreographers as well. A career in dancing may lead you to a position on Broadway, in a ballet troupe, or even a career as a dance instructor. Choreographers have great careers as well and end up working with dancer on Broadway and even dancers in movies as well. A new emerging opportunity for choreographers is in the music video industry, with many new vocal artists doing music videos.

Required Education

The education that is required for careers in the entertainment industry is dependent on many things. Some jobs require that you have a post-secondary training, while others are solely based on talent alone. Many people who have a career in this field start out with a bachelor’s degree in some area of the entertainment field, and some even go on to get their master’s degree in fine arts. There are some actors who go to an acting school and dancers often attend an arts university such as Juilliard. On the other hand, there are many successful people in this field who have no education beyond a high school diploma.

Salary Outlook

The salary amounts in this field are extremely varied as well, ranging from quite low, to very high. An actor that is just starting out may only make between $7.00 and $30.00 an hour, which is relatively low. Famous actors in Hollywood often make millions for every movie that they act in, but this is far from the norm in the entertainment business. Actors and dancers on Broadway can usually expect to make about $1000 to $1400 a week, but those in other off Broadway theaters usually only make between $400 and $800 each week, and sometimes even less. Some of the higher paid professionals in this industry are the producers. Their salaries are dependent on where they work, but most can expect to earn between $40,000 and $90,000 each year.

Companies to Consider

The entertainment is a great industry to work in, but it can be hard to get into this field and to find a job that pays the bills and offers great benefits. When you are considering this kind of a career, it is helpful to look around to find companies that do offer competitive salaries and benefits. Some great companies to consider within the United States include E. Networks, World of Wonder, and Universal Music Group. If you are looking for entertainment jobs in Canada, you may want to consider companies like Sony BMG Music Canada, National Film Board of Canada, or the National Arts Center in Canada.


How to Select the Right DJ Entertainment for Your Bar-Bat Mitzvah

Selecting the right DJ Entertainment for you Son or Daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a task that should not be taken lightly. Ask any parent who has recently had their son or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah and they will tell you that the Entertainment plays a critical part in the success of this kind of celebration. Often times the first service that is reserved is the Entertainment.

Entertaining a crowd of people that has a significant portion of 13 year olds and 30 something and older adults demands a certain level of expertise. If both of these groups had the same tastes in music then entertaining this kind of crowd would be simple.

However this is not usually the case. Therefore the first thing to look for is an Entertainment company that specializes in Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

While the specific tastes in music may vary amongst the different age groups there are interactive dances that both can enjoy together. This is where your MC (master of ceremonies) comes in. A seasoned MC can have a crowd of adults and kids out on the floor together having the times of their life almost instantly.

Aside from handling the candle lighting ceremony, the grand entrance, and various introductions, your MC is a source of motivation and energy for your party. A physical and verbal presence on the dance floor to lead your guests through interactive dances and games. Your Son or Daughter is the star of the show and the MC’s job is be right there making sure everyone is having fun while paying the right amount of recognition to the guest of honor at whatever level the Bar or Bat Mitzvah feels comfortable.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah MCs come in all shapes, sizes, personalities and experience. Be sure and sit down with any potential MCs you are considering and see how your personalities fit. This will be very important when your party date arrives as a large portion of the success of your celebration is resting on his/her shoulders.

Be sure and ask questions about anything that is on your mind. A seasoned MC will have the answers to your questions and will be able to set you at ease about your specific concerns.

If the DJ company you are considering does not offer a dedicated MC for your event you may want to keep searching. There is a lot for the MC to keep track of to make sure things run smoothly (making sure the photographer and videographer are ready before an important moment, shutting down any side entertainment before a candle lighting, being by your son or daughter’s side during the candle lighting to name a few). A separate DJ should be playing the CDs.

Another thing that can help engage the kids and the adults together is the use of motivational dancers. They are available through most DJ companies who specialize in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Their high energy style and dance expertise is appealing to all ages. During the follow along dances they are there to instruct and motivate right along side the MC. This should be done in a tasteful manner.

Colorful lighting and special effects are available from many DJ companies. They add to the energy of the room and can transform an elegant dining room into a trendy night club environment in a moments notice.

Some DJ companies offer dance stages that can help to spot light the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. While on stage he/she will be raised above the crowd for all to see. Even the grandparents in the rear of the room will be able to see the guest of honor.

How do you know if the DJ company you are considering does all (or any) of this in a way that is a proper reflection of you and your family? Through the use of video. Most reputable Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment companies will have video footage of their entertainers in action. By watching a videotape you can see their style, appearance, and how they make the day special for that guest of honor. After sitting down with an MC and watching his/her video you can get a pretty good idea of whether of not you are a match.

Also visiting the web site of any potential companies you are considering is a good start. You can often times view party pictures, read past client testimonials, and even download video footage all from the comfort of your home computer.

The earlier you start the process the better. It is common for some of the more popular companies to book 2 years in advance or more. When you have narrowed your search, call to set up appointments to meet in person and you will feel confident that you are on your way to selecting the right DJ Entertainment.